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Tuscano Maher Roofing

You’re about to make a very big decision. Your roof is too important to leave up to chance. Warranties, manufacturers, and even roof systems mean nothing without using the best contractor you can find to install it professionally, conscientiously and with an exacting attention to detail. Tuscano-Maher Roofing Inc. is that company. Your new roof will actually be manufactured on your building. For your piece of mind, choose the best company you can find.

TMR has been in business since 1975 and have more than 60 people ready to help you. Dedicated and highly trained repair techs can help you track down a troublesome leak (link repairs). Our inspection department, can help you get a handle on your roof conditions and help prioritize your roof issues. TMR can even help you extend your roof's life with proper preventative maintenance. If it's on the roof of your commercial building….we can help. Call (800-626-9687) or contact us today!


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